Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Microsoft 365 ( My Back Pack Programme ) Workshop

The Microsoft 365 ( My Back Pack Programme ) Workshop was held at IRDA, Johor Bahru. The 2 days workshop was conducted by two Solution Specialist from Microsoft ( Mr. Adam Bradly and Mr. Gerard Chua).

This programme were under the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, IRDA, MDeC and Microsoft.

The main objective is to let teachers and pupils to be creative, share and collaborate using the Microsoft 365. It delivers the power of cloud. We will have access anywhere, any device (laptop, computers, smart phone, ipad, iphone etc), with lower costs, security and a happier learning environment.

Here are some important dates for Microsoft 365 ( My Back Pack Programme ) :

My Bag Pack Workshop                                    : 29-30 April 2013
My Bag Pack Launching                                    : 16th May 2013
Pedagogy Training of My Bag Pack                  : 11-13 June 2013
Programme Implementation                               : July - October 2013
Assessment Workshop                                        : October


Raja Muein said...

Cepat2 buat training.. hehe

latifatul said...

fening cikgu2 nanti..ade frog ade microsoft ni..tabahlah wahai cikgu cikgi ye...

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